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Because every skin is unique, Kings Langley Beauty Therapy offers a range of facials and techniques to address a variety of skin concerns. Our dedicated therapist is on hand to assist with designing you a program toward achieving clear, balanced, healthy younger looking skin.

We recommend that you combine your facial with a professional skin peel to achieve optimum results. All facials include a free skin analysis by our highly experienced therapist, as well as a product recommendation.

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Skin Needling (90 Mins)


Skin Needling is quickly being embraced worldwide but stars and alike as the beauty treatment of choice for those who want great looking skin. Roll away the years, with this CIT Collagen Induction Therapy. Wrinkles, pigmentation, fine lines, scars, stretch marks, hair loss will be rolled away.

Micro-Dermabrasion (45 - 60 Mins)


Not just dermabrasion, the ultimate exfoliation treatment. Micro-Dermabrasion is highly effective and non-invasive, using a combination of a gentle vacuum system to unclog pore and fine crystals to slough off dead skin on the superficial skin layer.

Non Surgical Face Lift (60 Mins)


Gain without pain. For a long while now celebrities and those in the know about anti ageing have been booking themselves in to beauty salons for Microcurrent face lifts. This works by applying gentle electrical stimulation to the surface of the skin.

BHA or AHA Peel Treatment (30 Mins)


BHA or AHA can dramatically improve acne, pigmentation, ageing skin, wrinkles, sun damage, dehydration, clogged pores & fine lines. It safely removes dead skin cells using natural fruit acid.

Cosmedical Clinical Exfoliating & Rejuvenating Peel (45 Mins)


This anti-inflammatory exfoliating peel works to reduce dead skin cell build up, whilst revitalising and treating the skin.

Cosmedical Clinical Ageless Peel (45 Mins)


This Peel incorporates the pinnacle of ingredient technology designed to rebuild, it works within the skin rather than just on the surface. A blend of Vitamin A, B3, Lactic Acid and marine collagen has been design for skins that require a re-building effect rather than exfoliation.

Professional Peel (60 - 70 Mins)


A professional peel is a combination of the AHA/BHA and Micro dermabrasion treatments. The double action exfoliation (both biological and mechanical) offers exceptional results to all types of skins.

Green Herbal Peel (45 - 60 Mins)


Deep Peeling Treatment consists of a special blend of plants and natural herbs. It does not contain any chemicals or synthetic peeling agents. It promotes healthy, more youthful-looking skin. (Second Treatment $140.00 No Products)

Intensive Collagen Treatment (60 Mins)


This is an intensive anti-ageing treatment for all skin types, including sensitive skins. This Collagen Facial is a top of the range treatment during which the collagen molecules penetrate into your skin.

Ultimate Vitamin C (60+ Mins)


Discover how you can rejuvenate and revitalise your skin with a Vitamin C Ultimate Treatment. In just 1 treatment, your skin will be radiant, rehydrated, rejuvenated and remineralised.

Clear Skin Facials (60+ Mins)


This highly effective treatment reduces inflammation, controls excess sebum and clears skin to reveal luminosity and refined pores. Oily skin problems such as pimples and blackheads will be minimalised after this naturally purifying facial.

Lightening & Brightening (60 - 70 Mins)


The treatment is for de-pigmentation of the skin as well as skin whitening. It helps to diminish disturbances in pigmentation in the skin. It helps to lighten darker skin tones and provides an even looking skin complexion.

Cranberry Thermo Fruit (20 Mins)


This unique product frees the skin of surface cells, increases skins moisture, smoothes the complexion, combats premature ageing and clarifies the skin.

Rejuvenating Deep Cleanse (30 Mins)


Designed specifically to combat all skin types which require a deep cleanse. This facial utilises gentle exfoliation, detoxifying facial massage and concentrated products to rebalance, heal and refresh your skin.

Purifying Back or Chest

From $35.00

This treatment refreshes and cleanses with deep cleanse, exfoliation, and extractions where necessary.

* Prices subject to change without notice. Conditions Apply