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Body Treatments

Our body is beautiful and we need to learn to look after it. Soft, glowing and healthy skin is the result of internal balance, and external care. At Kings Langley Beauty Therapy, we only use the highest quality products to create both delicious and therapeutic treatments. These treatments are designed to soothe aching muscles, reduce tension, fatigue and improve circulation while leaving your body with restored energy levels.

Skin Needling


Far less invasive and expensive than any other modality in its class, skin needling is simple, effective and offers skin changing results that can be seen after just one treatment! Stretch Marks, scars, pigmentation and other imperfections on the body. At Kings Langley Beauty Therapy Therapists are fully qualified and trained in superior methods of Skin Needling. You will have your skin analysed, assessed and prepared for the treatment.

Dead Sea Salt & Honey Body Exfoliation (40 Mins)


Your body is covered with this scrumptious indulgent blend of sweet soothing honey, Dead Sea salt and minerals. This gently encourages exfoliation and circulation of toxins to the lymph nodes and cleanses your inner and outer self then a warm shower to remove completes this experience.

Detox Body Wrap


This indulgent body mask is the ultimate detox experience. Recommended for its impressive detox properties this unique mask promotes gentle balance within the body. This relaxing warm body wrap soothes away tension while eliminating toxins from the tissues.

Dry Body Brushing


Dry Body Brushing is an affordable way to exfoliate the skin while helping with lymphatic drainage and eliminating toxins. This ancient Ayurvedic technique rids the body of environmental toxins, helps stimulate lymphatic activity, digestion, soothes the nervous system and of course exfoliates the skin.

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